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Business Analytics for Cost Management

A complete "prescriptive analytics", solution based on our LIONoso software, to reduce business costs and improve customer satisfaction.

BACman is not only "cost cutting" (which reminds of a quick miracle diet before summer, with negative long-term effects) but a complete management of costs and quality (a kind of healthy fitness program for your business, continuing in time).

Features of the LIONoso BACman approach:

  • Seamless integration with existing platforms for accounting and resource planning; existing databases are filtered and only relevant data are imported.
  • Clear definition of roles, responsibilities and deadlines for data feeds and management actions.
  • Visual and immediate representation of the information.
  • Continuous support by business analytics experts via report generation.
  • "LION" (machine leraning plus intelligent optimization) approach for creating models and optimizing their outcome, generating human-readable prescriptions for improving efficiency.

Cost management.

From cost cutting ("miracle diet") to strategic management.

Leaning from big data.

Your business data tell the true story and help to improve.

Machine learning plus otimization.

Realizing the vision of extreme automation in cost management.

Industrial research and development.

From consultancy to turnkey applications.

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